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Camp Activities: Many different activities are planned for the kids at camp. Some of these activities include, Bible study, swimming, music, outdoor games, crafts, bonfire with s’mores, boating and tubing.

Staff to Camper Ratio: We delight in the fact that our staff to camper ratio is typically 1:4. This allows us flexibility to shift where extra supervision is needed particularly during activities that involve water. Day-to-day camp is led by two directors who oversee all camp operations. We have an excellent relationship with Kamp Kenwood management who will often be seen working the grounds and routinely checking in with our camp directors throughout the day.

Staff and Volunteers: Without our staff and volunteers, camp could not operate. We have nursing staff around the clock, lifeguard(s), craft, and many kitchen volunteers who report to our camp cook. We almost always have extra hands to help wherever needed.

Preparing for Camp: Be familiar with what you should and should not bring to camp. It is important to review our suggested packing list prior to making the trip to Kamp Kenwood. We do our best to provide missing supplies but rely solely on volunteers to hurry to the store when we run out or have short supply. Cell phones should not accompany campers.

Many belongings end up in the lost and found at camp, so please mark your things!

Printable Preparing for Camp PDF

Suggested Packing List for Camp Do NOT Bring to Camp
Socks and undergarments for 4 days Rollerblades
Shorts and t-shirts for 4 days Skateboards
1-2 pairs of jeans/pants Gameboys or any handheld games
Sweatshirt or jacket Cell Phones
Swimming suit iPods or any music player
Athletic shoes (sandals allowed for swimming only)
Dirty laundry bag
Sleeping bag and bedding
Toothbrush & toothpaste
Sunscreen (SPF 30+)
Bug spray
Medication(s), if needed